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4th International Conference on Engineering, Social-Sciences and Humanities (ICESSU-2024)


ICESSU 2024 international engineering conference will bring together researchers, scientists, developers, industrialists, innovators, scholars, professionals, and individuals looking to update their knowledge. Join us at this engaging international conference to explore the latest trends and challenges in the fields of engineering, social science, and humanities. ICESSU has always been at the forefront of promoting collaboration, innovation, and skill exchange.Meet experts from around the globe to discuss the advancements, scope, and challenges in diverse sectors. Participate in engaging sessions on public health, tourism, geotechnics, mechanical engineering, computer science, and applications, to name a few. ICESSU 2024 will bring together a wide range of research and case studies with ample networking and publishing prospects. Join us at ICESSU 2024 as we continue to inspire, transform, and shape education.


“Promoting Innovations Globally”

The International conference provides a stage for meaningful discussions around the latest developments, current issues, and challenges in the fields of engineering, social science, and humanities. By bringing together experts from different parts of the world, ICESSU 2024 aims to promote innovation and inspire new ideas.
Participants will engage in informative sessions that showcase innovative solutions, emerging technologies, and best practices, fostering an environment conducive to learning and networking. Ultimately, this conference aims to encourage progress and multi-disciplinary collaboration. This International engineering conference will also focus on empowering individuals and organizations to contribute to the collective advancement of innovation worldwide.

ICESSU-2024’s contribution to The Sustainable Development Goals:

ICESSU-2024 is dedicated to endorsing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, to safeguard the environment, and promote universal prosperity and peace by 2030. Our conference addresses pressing global issues such as environmental degradation, social justice, and inequality through comprehensive session topics encompassing Human, Social, Economic, and Environmental Sustainability. We are proud to contribute to the collective effort towards a sustainable future! The objectives and session topics in alignment with the theme are provided below, with the subtopics for each session within.

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